I'll be presenting research & teaching a workshop on causal graphs at WZB Berlin on February 13/14, 2023. E-mail me if you are interested in attending.


October 12, 2022: Online presentation on our research on gender and ethnic biases of Danish teachers at Lund University.

November 7/8, 2022: I will give a talk on using causal graphs in social science research at Danish Data Science 2022

November 14, 2022: I will give an online presentation (in German) on using causal graphs in academic research & business at Data Science Darmstadt: RSVP


Very happy to start a new postdoc position at the Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination (CEPDISC).

In August, I will teach a virtual three-day workshop on "Using Directed Acyclic Graphs for Causal & Statistical Inference" at the GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology. Registration will open in spring.

In April, I will teach a virtual two-day workshop on causal mediation analysis at UPF Barcelona (open only to UPF students).


In a counterfactual world...I will give a 2-day workshop on Causal Mediation Analysis at Barcelona Centre of European Studies in May 2020. In July, I will teach a module on Causal Graphs at the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) Konstanz.

I taught a short workshop on Causal Graphs at Uni Potsdam: Slides. Here is a video from an earlier workshop at MZES Mannheim. I also gave a talk in Potsdam on selection bias and external validity/transportability Slides.


My seminar on Causal Graphs was awarded the "Causality in Statistics Education Award" 2019 by the American Statistical Association. I'm very honoured! You can find course material here.