Julian Schuessler

Hi! I am a post-doc at the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University, Denmark. I defended my PhD at the Graduate School of Decision Sciences at the Universität Konstanz, Germany. Before, I studied at University of Bremen, Germany, and University of Essex, UK.


In August, I will teach a virtual three-day workshop on "Using Directed Acyclic Graphs for Causal & Statistical Inference" at the GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology. Registration will open in spring.

In April, I will teach a virtual two-day workshop on causal mediation analysis at UPF Barcelona (open only to UPF students).


In a counterfactual world...I will give a 2-day workshop on Causal Mediation Analysis at Barcelona Centre of European Studies in May 2020. In July, I will teach a module on Causal Graphs at the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) Konstanz.

I taught a short workshop on Causal Graphs at Uni Potsdam: Slides. Here is a video from an earlier workshop at MZES Mannheim. I also gave a talk in Potsdam on selection bias and external validity/transportability: Slides.


My seminar on Causal Graphs was awarded the "Causality in Statistics Education Award" 2019 by the American Statistical Association. I'm very honoured! You can find course material here.


I do research on public support for the European Union, political economy, and quantitative methods. Methodologically, I'm interested in non-parametric causal inference, especially using graphs.

2020. "Power Analysis for Conjoint Experiments" (with Markus Freitag).

Working Paper

Forthcoming. "Public support for differentiated integration: individual liberal values and concerns about member state discrimination" (with Dirk Leuffen & Jana Gómez Diaz). Journal of European Public Policy.

2020. "Post-Instrument Bias" (with Adam Glynn & Miguel Rueda).

2019. "Graphical Causal Models for Survey Inference" (with Peter Selb).

Working Paper

2019. "Can the EU Buy Public Support?".

Working Paper


In the summer term 2018, I taught a seminar on Causal Graphs at the University of Konstanz. You can find course material here.

I also taught a seminar on the gender wage gap ("When is Equal Pay Day?") at the German National Academic Foundation's Summer Academy in Leysin, together with David Birke and Matthias Weierer.

I regularly taught tutorials on Research Design for Causal Inference at the University of Konstanz.


You can find my CV here. I'm on Twitter. You can contact me via mail by putting "polsci" in front of the "at" and then putting the domain of this website behind it.

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