Julian Schuessler

Hi! I am a post-doc at the Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination (CEPDISC) associated with the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University, Denmark.

You can find my CV here. I'm on Bluesky and Twitter. E-mail: julians@ps.au.dk.


Google Scholar Profile


2023. Income, Identity, and International Redistribution: Evidence from the European Union (with Thomas Hinz, Dirk Leuffen, and Peter Selb)

Working paper

2023. Facial Finetuning: Using Pretrained Image Classification Models to Predict Politicians' Success (with Asbjørn Lindholm & Christian Hjorth)

Working paper

2023. Compensating Discrimination: Behavioral Evidence from Danish School Registers (with Kim Mannemar Sønderskov)

Working paper

Forthcoming. Graphical Causal Models for Survey Inference (with Peter Selb)

Sociological Methods & Research. Published paper Working paper

Forthcoming. Post-Instrument Bias in Linear Models (with Adam Glynn & Miguel Rueda)

Sociological Methods & Research. Published paper Working paper

2022. Mapping public support for the varieties of differentiated integration (with Max Heermann, Dirk Leuffen, Lisanne De Blok & Catherine De Vries)

European Union Politics. Published paper Working paper

2022. Public support for unequal treatment of unvaccinated citizens: Evidence from Denmark (with Peter Thisted Dinesen, Søren Dinesen Østergaard & Kim Mannemar Sønderskov)

Social Science & Medicine. Published paper (open access) Twitter thread

2022. Public support for differentiated integration: individual liberal values and concerns about member state discrimination (with Dirk Leuffen & Jana Gómez Diaz)

Journal of European Public Policy. Published paper Working Paper

2020. Power Analysis for Conjoint Experiments (with Markus Freitag)

Working Paper

2020. Post-Instrument Bias (with Adam Glynn & Miguel Rueda)

2019. Can the EU Buy Public Support?

Working Paper

Teaching & Presentations

2023 Talk at AU Interacting Minds Centre on on analyzing teacher bias

2023 Talk at AU Centre for Educational Development EdTech Group on using LLMs when teaching data science

2023 Talk at Constructive Institute about the "Present and Future of AI": Slides. Visual summary by Mette Stentoft.

2023 Talk on analyzing teacher bias at Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin: Slides

2023 Workshop on Causal Graphs at Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin: Slides

2022 Talk on causal graphs at Data Science Darmstadt (in German): Slides

2022 Talk on analyzing teacher bias at Danish Data Science 2022: Slides

2022 Slides on basic power analysis: Slides

2022 Two-day course on Causal Graphs at the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies: Slides Day 1, Slides Day 2

2021 Four-hour workshop on Research Design and Causal Analysis with R at the Data Science Summer School, Hertie School Berlin: Slides

2021 Three-day course on Causal Graphs at GESIS Summer School: Syllabus, Slides Day 1, Slides Day 2, Slides Day 3

2021 Two-day course on Causal Mediation Analysis at UPF Barcelona: Slides Day 1, Slides Day 2

2021 Talk on Using Causal Graphs for Econometric Applications at Econometrics and Business Statistics Seminar, Aarhus University: Slides

2020 Talk on selection bias and external validity/transportability at DGS Methoden / University of Potsdam: Slides

2020 Presentation on Knox et al. "Administrative records mask racially biased policing" at the LMU DAG Reading group: Slides

2019 1h intro workshop on causal graphs at MZES Mannheim: Youtube Video, Slides

2018 Full-term course on causal graphs: here. This course was awarded the "Causality in Statistics Education Award" 2019 by the American Statistical Association.

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